Customer journeys – don’t reinvent the wheel

25 Mar 2014, 8:48 pm

If you’re looking to improve your users’ experience as they complete tasks on your website, we’ve got a free resource that might help.

It’s a catalogue of 26 popular user journeys, each with a mock-up of what local government web teams thought was an ‘ideal’ version of the journey.

500 people from 150 councils

This valuable resource comes from the group exercises we’ve been running at our Really Useful Days on ‘Improving user journeys’ over the last two years.

During that time, over 500 people from 150 councils have got into groups and critiqued a user journey on a local council’s website. They’ve then come up with what they think is a model version of that user journey.

26 user journeys

Altogether, they’ve worked on 26 journeys, ranging from popular tasks like “Pay your council tax” to less-used ones like “Apply for a hackney carriage licence”.

We’ve collated all these user journeys into one page of the website, where you can access them easily and freely.

We will keep updating them with each new Really Useful Day. In the meantime – we hope they are of use to you all!

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