Department launches Twitter campaign to promote better local commissioning

25 Aug 2015, 10:08 am

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is running a campaign on Twitter to promote better commissioning of local government services.

Aimed at commissioners and decision-makers in the public sector, DCLG’s Big Society & Community Rights division is tweeting links to a series of case studies each day for 22 days showing good examples of service commissioning by local authorities.

iStock_DPA-CroMary“Significant improvements have already been delivered by commissioners in the public sector, yet there are still pressing challenges for more to be delivered with reduced funding,” said Christopher Leigh of DCLG’s Mobilisation Team.

Commissioners asked for examples of the latest thinking and where new models have been trialled so that best practice is shared widely, pitfalls are avoided, and the wheel is not continually reinvented”, Leigh told Local Digital.

The examples demonstrate a wide range of projects at local authority and neighbourhood level, across services ranging from public health, youth services, adult social care, preventing re-offending, domestic violence, transferring assets into community ownership and early intervention for families with complex needs.

The case studies – put together by DCLG partner the Public Service Transformation Network (PSTN) – provide lessons learned, project contact details, the commissioning model used, information about partners and what made the project a success. “Together they form a powerful narrative and resource for what is possible, without being shy of what still remains to be done”, says the PSTN website.

The campaign kicked off with a tweet of an infographic emblazoned with the slogan: ‘better commissioning = better value for money = better outcomes’. Other tweets so far have linked to case studies on unemployment, social caremental health and public health put together by the PSTN

PSTN is a multi-agency network that supports public service transformation using a ‘whole place’ approach. It helps local public sector partners remodel services around the needs of people, not organisations.

DCLG’s Big Society & Community Rights division works with the PSTN to share evidence of how designing and delivering services in partnership with local people and organisations can deliver better outcomes for less. Their emphasis is on neighbourhood services.

Leigh and his team chose Twitter “to complement other communications activity and increase the number of chances to view”. To follow the campaign, search for the hashtag #bettercommissioning.