Digital opportunities appear in the challenges

16 Mar 2016, 11:22 am

Geoff Connell highlights some of the benefits that can emerge from the demands on local government’s budgets

Councils are in for a tough time, but they could create a new, more advantageous landscape for the use of digital technology in their operations.

The message came from Geoff Connell, director of ICT services for the OneSource shared service in east London, at the recent Local Digital Futures gathering. He reiterated the warning that the squeeze on budgets will prevent councils from continuing to do things in the old way, but said that benefits can emerge if they take the right approach.

These include creating new models for working together and sharing digital infrastructure; reshaping the market to break the hold of legacy applications; bringing real time data into process redesign; increasing remote and flexible working; and creating a more diverse ICT workforce with more women and young people.

Hear of all what he had to say from the video below.