Digitising government: a history

19 Oct 2015, 9:06 pm

Jerry Fishenden looks back at the history of measures Government has taken to digitise public services. From the early stages of open.gov.uk in 1994 and simply automating paper-based manual services, he brings the story up to date with the re-rengineering of public services we are witnessing today. Although not for the first time, there is an increasing focus on platforms within government organisations to create efficient, cost-effective government services, but what makes them succeed or fail?

Fishenden is one of three authors of the book ‘Digitizing Government’, which examines digital transformation to increase business value and improve client engagement, featuring case studies from the private and public sectors, and a detailed chronology of digital change efforts across the UK government sector.

He has has over 25 years’ experience of technology leadership, most recently as interim deputy Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the UK Government. He provides independent guidance and expertise to various organisations and has previously been CTO for Microsoft UK, the City of London financial regulator, the UK Parliament and the National Health Service.

Watch videos by his co-authors Alan Brown and Mark Thompson.