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Local Digital Co-Design Day 2 | London

28 Nov 2014 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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You helped to identify local service transformation problems at our Discovery Day – now find the solution at our Co-Design day. Register your interest by filling in this brief form This interdisciplinary all-day service design workshop will host up to 9 groups of key problem-solvers. Each group will work on one problem they previously identified. Groups will outline a solution or product, estimating how much it would cost to develop and maintain, how much money it could save and for who, who should develop it, and who would need to endorse. By the end of the day, we hope to have defined prototype solutions and business cases, endorsed by key local and central and government decision-makers, and voted on those we want to pursue for development.

Working Groups include:

  • Care API: Outlining what a Care Application Programming Interface (API) might do, and how local authorities could collaborate in its design. The API should help local authorities to design key services collaboratively and according to common standards, to meet the requirements of the Care Act.
  • Land Registry API: Designing an open API for local authorities to access Land Registry data
  • Household Waste Services API Standards:  Creating linked data standards for local waste services
  • GovLoveHub was one of the ideas that participants at our Service Design Discovery Day voted on as something they’d like to see developed. It is a log-in-free portal made by local authorities, for local authorities with 4 main areas:

    1. Match – the portal that lets you connect with those with common interests
    2. Share – a mini time bank, where you can advertise skills you’d be willing to trade for skills other authorities might have (e.g. swap 2 developer days for 2 agile coach days)
    3. Techniques – a resource library of user journey maps or wireframes, guerrilla testing technique toolkits, touchpoints and ethnographic research resources
    4. User Personas and Stories that could be drawn on by different authorities when designing their services – e.g. older person living in a rural area, younger person in city, etc

PLEASE NOTE: This event is by invitation only. Please only register for your group of choice if you have received an invitation from the DCLG Local Digital team. If you haven’t received an invitation and would like to, please let us know by filling in this brief form. All interested techUK members and DCLG Local Digital Campaign sponsors should apply to join in this way.

Date: 28 Nov 2014
Time: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: techUK
Address: 10 St Bride St, , EC4A
Organiser: DCLG Local Digital Campaign

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