Local-Central Discovery and Co-Design Days

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Local-Central Discovery Days: These consultation and co-design events focus on different central government digital transformations that will have implications for local authorities and the wider public sector.

Our aim is to help central and local government to work better together to transform public services through the use of digital, making sure these services meet user needs and deliver efficiency savings.

Step 1: We host a Discovery Day with a central government department undergoing change that will affect local authorities and the wider public sector. After working with local authorities, service users, and all those to be affected by the digital service transformation in question, we identify the problems we want to work together to solve.

Step 2: We then bring these problems to a Co-Design Day, where we work with service users, heads of service, policy-experts, hackers, data visualisers, and user experience designers (as necessary) to design nationally scalable solutions to the problems and needs we identified at our Discovery Days. By the end of the day, we hope to have defined prototype solutions and business cases, endorsed by key local and central and government decision-makers, and voted on those we want to pursue for development.

Step 3: After Co-Design, we work with the department in question to support their product development and launch.

The Local Digital Campaign Team are collating all event resources on the event page for each Discovery Day theme. You can find them by searching past events below, or searching for Discovery Day resources in our resources section.

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