Event Resources | DVLA Digital Transformation

DVLA local-central discovery days explore the impact of digital transformation in the DVLA on local authorities and their service users. These events bring together local and central government heads of service, assistant directors and service managers, ICT and digital specialists. You can find presentations, videos, handouts, discussion notes and other resources from events below.

Car Tax App | Natalie Morgan | October 2014

1 Oct 2014
Presentation on the car tax app. Presented by Natalie Morgan, Integrated Enquiry Platform Product Owner at DVLA, at the DVLA Discovery Day held on 1 October 2014 in Bristol. Car…

DVLA data-sharing API presentation | July 2014

18 Jul 2014
Introduction to ‘Drive’ – a government digital service to allow access to DVLA driver & vehicle data to enable digital access and administration for all customer facing services where validation of…

Blue Badge Overview | Sheenagh Reynolds | July 2014

2 Jul 2014
Overview of the Blue Badge scheme, including the increasing numbers of badge holders, reforms and improvements of the scheme. Presented on behalf of DfT by Sheenagh Reynolds, Assistant Director of…