Event Resources | Flood Resilience

The flood resilience local-central discovery day explored how organisations involved in mitigating, responding to and recovering from floods can make better use of digital tools to increase UK flood resilience. It identified areas where central and local government can collaborate on designing digital solutions to solve local problems, and digital products that could be built nationally, both to deliver savings and improve local services.

Future Flood Warning System Project | Kevin Barnes

27 Feb 2015
Presentation on the Environment Agency’s future Flood Warning System project and changes to come to the Flood Warning System based on customer need, with digital at the heart of the project.…

Communities at Risk | Paul Cobbing

27 Feb 2015
Presentation on the National Flood Forum – what they do, recovery, building resilience, the challenge, and future community resort. Presented by Paul Cobbing from the National Flood Forum, at the Flood Resilience…

Natural Hazards Partnership | Carl Wilson

27 Feb 2015
Presentation about the Natural Hazards Partnership, its aims, and the Hazard Impact Model.  Presented by Carl Wilson from Ordnance Survey at the Flood Resilience Discovery Day in Bristol on 27 February…