Event Resources | Sharing and Re-Using GDS and Local Government Digital Assets

The Local-Central Discovery Day on sharing and reusing GDS and local government assets was held on 13 June 2014. The event brought together a group of local authority heads of service, CEOs, directors, service managers, ICT, communications and digital specialists to:

  • Find out about the standards, guides, APIs and other assets available from local authorities, GDS and others
  • Showcase work in progress from GDS, DWP and others
  • Explore ways GDS can support local government
  • Identify priorities for local government digital transformation

The day focused on assets created by GDS, examined their use to local government, and identified ways to improve knowledge- and resource-sharing across local and central government.

What is LocalGovDigital? | June 2014

13 Jun 2014
Presentation on what LocalGovDigital isand what the organisation offers. Presented at the Local Discovery Day on 13 June 2014 by the Department for Communities and Local Government in partnership with GDS.…