GDS-built tools ‘for all of public sector’

16 Mar 2016, 11:21 am

Felicity Singleton urges councils to highlight any problems in using tools and platforms

Councils and other public sector bodies can look to make full use of the digital tools emerging from the Government Digital Service (GDS), its head of policy and departmental engagement has said.

Speaking at the Local Digital Futures event, Felicity Singleton outlined the main work and priorities of GDS and acknowledged that its initial focus is on promoting use of its tools in government departments. But she added that the effort is also intended to support the wider public sector.

“We really want to encourage re-use of all our resources, tools and platforms where appropriate,” she said. “We would encourage people to be using things like the Digital Marketplace across the public sector. Come and talk to us if it’s not working for you so we can improve that.

“We want to think about how we can make our platforms like Verify applicable much more widely.”

See below for the full presentation: