Guest blog: The last of the ‘big bang’ upgrades

15 Dec 2015, 2:53 pm

by Suraj Kika, CEO and founder of Jadu

Suraj Kika explains how local authorities’ needs are reshaping Jadu and how the company has rethought its solutions to enable councils to avoid costly software upgrades.

JaduThe cost of moving to new software versions has traditionally been a pain for councils.

It can be time consuming, slow and, for us, meant that they did not immediately benefit from our software – therefore neither did citizens.

So earlier this year we reinvented the release cycle for our platform of web content management and electronic forms tools. We wanted to eradicate costly ‘big bang’ updates, in favour of frequent, iterative releases.

We created the ‘Jadu Continuum’ platform and now release platform upgrades of our web experience software (content management, online forms and customer case management), every two weeks, as opposed to twice a year. This ‘continuous delivery’ marks the end of ‘big bang’ upgrades to our platform and comes at a time when unprecedented public sector budget cuts are really taking hold.

We would like to see larger IT firms in the sector doing the same.

Since the change, we’ve signed up 10 councils, including Oxford City Council, Norwich City Council, Stoke City Council, Swindon Borough Council, Watford Borough Council, Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, Broadland District Council, Harrogate Council and Sevenoaks District Council.

One of our customers, Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council, told us: “Local authorities need to keep ahead of the digital curve. It is essential our web platforms can stay up to date in order to meet our customers’ needs to access council services online. Jadu has innovated in support of the Council’s digital strategy and desire to be more agile.”

Based on calculations of the cost of external IT support and internal resource costs, we are set to save our council customers (of which we have more than 80) an estimated £1.2 million every year.

Customer Experience Management – CRM ‘light’

As they strive for constant digital improvement, local authorities have demanded real-time communication and case tracking. For many, the investments in large-scale Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems simply haven’t paid off, leading to a desire for a simpler, lighter-weight way to deliver services and help solve customer issues.

Jadu has frequently been asked for a ‘light’ CRM system that crosses the bridge between CRM and instant chat.

And Customer Services managers have provided us with feedback and user stories that clearly demonstrate a need to end confusion and crossed wires in favour of a simpler, quicker and more collaborative experience.

These findings have led us to develop the latest Jadu Continuum product, Jadu CXM (Customer Experience Management), which allows residents to speak to their local authority and have full visibility of correspondence and previous conversations.

Finally, as the number of local authorities using Jadu Continuum approaches 100, we realised we needed to focus on providing a scalable service. Most of our large customers asked us to host and fully manage their digital platforms but it would be vital to continue to provide the same levels of service quality and continuous software development.

As a result, Jadu has launched a new, independent digital agency, Spacecraft Digital, which can work with any technology and provide user experience research, design and delivery resources to execute the ‘digital council’.

The core Jadu business has now been restructured to focus entirely on our Jadu Continuum suite.


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