Improve digital services one at a time | step-by-step guides

25 Jun 2014, 3:19 pm

Do you have your eye on improving a particular digital service at your council? If so, we’ve developed some new resources we think will be helpful.

They’re a series of 26 step-by-step guides to running a Really Useful Workshop. The guides are designed to engage service, policy and web teams with the design of digital services – and to get the digital message across to the people responsible for those services.

Each guide looks at a different council service and includes:

  • a ready-made presentation about user needs
  • examples of the service on 3 council websites
  • all the steps for running a Really Useful half-day workshop

The 26 guides include common tasks like “Apply for a job at your local council”, “Pay your council tax” and “Renew your parking permit”.

Get in touch for the full list and for your free guide/s.

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