Internet of Things video series: beyond the prototype

19 Jun 2015, 12:04 pm

Jonny Voon, Lead Technologist for Internet of Things, InnovateUK

According to Voon, putting Internet of Things innovation in place on a wide scale – “more than a prototype here and there” – has to start with getting the user experience right based on a trio of functionality, usability and desirability. This adds up to good user experience which in turn leads to good user engagement. Done properly, the technology won’t “just look good in a brochure” and benefit businesses, but be advantageous for cities, regions and the environment. Unless systems are built with people in mind, argues Voon, Internet of Things systems simply won’t take off.



Event: Local Digital Futures Thought Leadership briefing

The Local Digital Futures Thought Leaders debate held last week in London brought together some of the leading lights in central and local government, suppliers and research bodies to discuss implementation of ‘Internet of Things’ systems to improve public services. The discussion focused on how the technology could reduce the pressure on local authority services and explored the barriers to take up, following on from a day-long, free event aimed at local government service managers and decision makers.

Read the full event report.  

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