Internet of Things video series: the tipping point has come

24 Jun 2015, 10:02 pm

Michael Van Der Bel, Managing Director, Microsoft UK

Predictions about the amount of devices that will be connected to each other via Internet of Things systems vary, but the numbers are always impressive: 50 billion to 212 billion devices. And although Van Der Bel says that the landscape can seem “big, noisy and confusing” and calculating the return on investment daunting, he does offer consolation: the technology is not new. Rolls Royce and Formula 1 have been connecting monitoring technology for a long time, so there are lessons to be learned from the past. Now, a “tipping point has come”,  thanks to cheaper components and connectivity; the power of cloud computing; and the advancement of tools that enable you to exploit the data.

Event: Local Digital Futures Thought Leadership briefing

The Local Digital Futures Thought Leaders debate held recently in London brought together some of the leading lights in central and local government, suppliers and research bodies to discuss implementation of ‘Internet of Things’ systems to improve public services. The discussion focused on how the technology could reduce the pressure on local authority services and explored the barriers to take up, following on from a day-long, free event aimed at local government service managers and decision makers.

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