Jersey steps up cyber crime fight

21 Mar 2016, 7:57 pm

Island plays host to centre of excellence in joint effort with other small jurisdictions

States of Jersey has stepped up its efforts in the fight against the cyber crime with the launch of a Small Island Nations Centre of Excellence for Research and Education (Sincere).

Its Ministry for Home Affairs and States of Jersey Police have joined a group of other small island nations – Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Cyprus – in the project to share their skills in the field, pulling together people from local government, law enforcement, legal officers, businesses and academia.

The project has received €320,000 from the EU, as part of a broader bid for anti-cyber crime measures, to sustain the centre for two years.

It follows the launch of a partnership between Jersey and Guernsey Police last year to make the best use of their skills in fighting cyber crime.

Threat analysis

The police said the initial focus will be on conducting a threat analysis of the islands’ financial sector to provide preventative advice to law enforcement agencies and industry.

It will also involve developing a training and education framework that recognises the demands on small jurisdictions, in contrast to those facing larger countries.

In addition, Sincere will work with other centres of excellence on networking and collaboration to develop new solutions to deal with cyber crime. This will include establishing best practice and sharing concepts, training and products.

Kristina_MooreDeputy Kristina Moore of the States of Jersey Assembly (pictured) said: “Cyber Crime has no boundaries or borders, so developing and investing in our infrastructure, involving not only common standards but training, research and education is necessary to protect our communities from the threat of Cyber Crime.

“This network will mean that Jersey and the other small jurisdictions are leading the field in this emerging threat area and helping to protect our community from risk.”

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, head of crime and criminal justice services with States of Jersey Police, said: “The exciting programme we have mapped out for the duration of the project will allow the small islands to better protect, prevent and investigate cyber attacks.”

Image from States of Jersey Assembly