Local Digital calls on local authorities to feed back on waste service digital standard

23 Jun 2015, 1:44 pm

An event next month will call on local authorities to help develop a common technology standard for local waste services that prevents duplication, cuts costs and improves efficiency.

Composition of Garbage bins in colorsThe free half-day event on 1 July in London will outline work already carried out by The Local Waste Service Standards Project, and ask local government and third sector organisations for their views on how best to progress the initiative.

The Project is led by the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) Local Digital programme in collaboration with five local authorities, and is one of the products the programme is developing to test the feasibility of common technology standards, re-usable by any council (find out more).

By working ‘out loud’ with collaborating councils across the country, the project will provide valuable insight into the process of establishing and implementing local digital service standards.

Currently at ‘discovery’ phase, the initiative will consult the local government sector on their priorities for digital service standards. Based on the outcomes of this phase, the project aims to then develop a data model, an Application Programme Interface (API) specification and a prototype design for digital service standards for councils’ waste services.

The API will, for example, enable a member of the public to request a service with little or no human interaction, reducing the volume of calls to councils. The standards and tools that the project aims to create could also allow neighbouring boroughs to work more effectively together when collecting bins from a road which cuts across council boundaries; enable councils to move suppliers more easily and cost-effectively; and support competition and new entrants in the market.

The event will be followed by a discovery session aimed at private sector suppliers. Both will present the The Local Waste Service Standards Project methods, and attendees will be able to provide their input and ideas that the project should consider addressing. They will also be able to discuss opportunities to engage with the project.

Following the events, the project team will agree the final development priorities and begin work on collaboratively developing Alpha (protoype) products from mid-July to September that could later be adopted by any local authority.

The aims of The Local Waste Service Standards Project align with Government’s demand on local authorities to increase transparency around the performance of services and to improve flexibility of contracts with suppliers, part of broader plans to introduce ‘government as platform’ style services advocated by the recommendations Service Transformation Challenge Panel. 

The Service Transformation Challenge Panel was established by the Treasury and DCLG to advise on increasing the pace and scale of service transformation locally and nationally.

Register now for the Local Waste Service Standards Project Discovery for the public sector on Wednesday 1 July 2015 at 10 St Bride St, London, EC4A, 09.30-13.00.

Register here for the private sector discovery workshop for suppliers.

Both events are free to attend, and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.