Event Resources | Digital Transformation – ‘Doing What We Do, Better’

Local Digital Futures – ‘doing what we do, better’ on 9 April 2014 brought together the best and brightest digital futurists from industry, academia and local government. We discussed the digital transformations local government needs to be making now to meet future demand and how the focus must be on working together to build future digital public services – new technologies, collaboration, innovation and opportunities.

This event focused on local / central government digital topics, including:

  • collaboration
  • transformation
  • innovation
  • digital horizons
  • digital inclusion / assisted digital

GIS, savings and innovation | Guy Chisholm | April 2014

9 Apr 2014
Presentation on collecting, maintaining and sharing geographical information and @geoplaceLLP services for local authorities. Presented by Guy Chisholm, of @geoplaceLLP, at the Local Digital Futures event on 9 April 2014 in…