Local Digital to work out loud on developing Deferred Payment Agreement Calculator for Care Act

30 Mar 2015, 10:22 am

Elderly careWhen the Care Act comes into force next month, local authorities are required to provide a broad range of information to citizens on adult social care and their options for accessing or paying for care – including an option to defer any payments until a property is sold.

The Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) is a mechanism to help people who are required to pay for their care and support but whose wealth is tied up in their property. Under the agreement, the local authority pays the person’s care fees as they are needed and the fees are repaid at a later date, usually when the property is sold.

Local Digital’s DPA project is therefore developing a DPA Calculator application programming interface (API), which anyone will be free to integrate into their website or software.

The tool will comprise clear guidance from central government department policy advisers on the eligibility criteria for entering into a DPA and the formula for how the costs are calculated, so that councils and suppliers can confidently develop web tools for their customers. It will ask users a series of questions to obtain the necessary information to give an indication of:

  • whether a person is likely to be eligible to enter a DPA;
  • how long their equity in their property would allow them to defer costs; and
  • what the total costs would be

You can read more about the project and its progress here.

Picture: iStockphoto/ CroMary