Local service transformation case study locator

30 Mar 2015, 9:19 am

locator tool

At every Local Digital discovery event delegates have asked us for help in sharing knowledge with, and learning from, their peers in other councils. We have taken this request on board and worked with our colleagues in the Public Service Transformation Network to create a map-based transformation case study locator.


The Alpha version of this new tool is now live. You can use it to find people to collaborate with and learn from. In the spirit of ‘working out loud’, we encourage the inclusion of projects that are just getting underway, or those that have not reached their desired objectives, as it is only by sharing these stories that we may avoid repeating mistakes.

We would love you to add your cases and fill in the feedback form to tell us what additional functionalities you’d like it to have.

We’ll be adding more cases over the following weeks, and aim to launch a full beta locator early in the summer, integrating all your projects and feedback.

Picture: iStockphoto/zimmytws