Microsoft CityNext: Delivering Remote Care and Case Management

21 Apr 2015, 9:31 am

Given an ageing population, budget constraints and higher citizen expectations, the move towards self-directed and personalised care – at the point of need, at any time and anywhere – is radically changing the way care services are commissioned and provided. Our experience is that this personalised and co-ordinated care can be enabled by technology in many ways and places – whether at home, in community centres or in the workplace – allowing cities and health authorities to continue to innovate with shrinking budgets.

The problems that need solving, while similar, are unique to each organisation. To meet patient expectations and rein in costs, city regions and health organisations can take advantage of the Microsoft CityNext ecosystem of UK partners and cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies. CityNext isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’ or ‘rip and replace’. It’s about understanding the needs of the people involved and your priorities – and providing new and innovative approaches that build and integrate into existing systems.

Although the problems are well recognised, we see no one solution that has been able to solve the myriad of challenges cost-effectively. However, our many local UK partners are working to solve different problems by developing a range of innovative solutions. The examples listed below tackle different challenges. However one of the benefits of the CityNext approach is that these solutions are not developed in isolation. They inherit a common Microsoft technology platform that is secure, reliable and interoperable by design. Our customers don’t have to waste scarce resources joining up the data and worrying about whether the solutions will work together.

Examples include:

And there are many more examples of how our customers are using technology to innovate. For more information on CityNext, any of these solutions – or how to address your specific challenges – please contact me.

Microsoft CityNextEllen Wilson
Local Government Market Development & Cities Lead
Microsoft UK