New environmental ‘challenges’ for satellite data competition

20 Aug 2015, 9:51 am

A government competition seeking projects that use satellite data to enhance services has added three new environmental ‘challenges’ following requests from government agencies and departments.

Cornmill-Gardens-beforeThe competition from the UK Space Agency’s Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) is offering total funding of £700,000 in the first phase.

It welcomes projects in the categories of: local authorities or devolved governments (open to single or multiple organisations); natural hazard risk management; environment; and ‘other’ organisations’ projects designed for the benefit of any public sector end user.

The new challenge areas are:

  • a solution to address the limitations of satellite imagery techniques currently used by the Environment Agency during flooding
  • climate change and waste issues, for example, waste collection and disposal in relation to pollutants and low river flows, submitted by the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment
  • a call to improve natural risks, for example, habitat mapping and coastal erosion, submitted by the Marine Division of the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment

“The Environment Agency wrote to SSGP directly to ask if we would consider their challenge area and we had an engagement event with the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment where we worked with them to capture their needs”, said John Vesey, Lead Space Innovation Facilitator at SSGP.

“If other public sector users want to stipulate what their requirements were for this or future competitions with SSGP then we would be more than happy to hear from them”, he said.

All competition entries must have an identified public sector end user who is engaged and would be willing to work on the project towards an operational service and a clear business case with a realistic route to market.

SSGP aims to inspire the public sector to be more efficient, save money and stimulate market growth through greater use of space-derived services.

Find out how to apply here.


Photo credit: Bluesky