The DCLG Local Digital Programme aims to identify products like application programming interfaces (APIs), common calculators and common technology standards that could be developed collaboratively to save the public sector money and greatly improve services to citizens.

How our product incubator works

  1. We take the most promising public service transformation ideas from our Discovery and Co-Design work stream – usually nationally scalable digital products (common APIs, related common standards, and common calculators).
  2. We assign a product manager to support the product co-design team who have signed up to design the product and the business case.
  3. Our product manager will work with the organisations we’ve identified to develop the product brief, business case, and the product delivery plan.
  4. S/he’ll then work with the co-design partners to make sure they stick to the plan, and s/he’ll make sure that the process is well documented here on the product blog.
  5. After working out loud, we aim to deliver products that help the public and private sector to deliver better services for less money.

Once product business cases are written, funding is secure, and products are built, we will promote the uptake of the product through the Local Digital Campaign news and events.

Current projects

  1. Attribute Exchange Business Case – business case research to understand benefits of improved local-central collaboration in checking eligibility for local services
  2. Local Waste Services API – pilot project collaboratively developing common API standards for local public services, starting with waste services
  3. Care signposting – this project launches on March 2nd. More information will be published here soon.
  4. Deferred Payments Application (DPA) Calculator for adult social care. This project launches on March 4th. More information will be published here soon.
  5. API to enable local authorities to access DVLA data
  6. API to enable local authorities to access Land Registry data


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