Care Act Technology Requirements | Julie Oxley | July 2014

29 Jul 2014

Presentation by Julie Oxley, Head of IM&T at Leeds City Council, on the Care Act requirements and the priorities for data and technology, including:

  • Transparency – drive better care through release of data about health care services
  • Transactions – Modernise services to match expectations of today’s online society
  • Interoperability – health and social care systems
  • Patient participation and control – Enable patient access to their own professional held records
  • Patient participation and control – Enable patients to control their own health/care (Citizen Driven Health)
  • Reduce admin burden – Provide front line with information required enter information only once.
  • National Information Standards – all systems to use NHS number as identifier

Presented at the Local-Central Discovery Day on the Impacts of the Care Act in Leeds on 29 July 2014.