Why common data standards are so important for local services: Introductory video

5 Oct 2015

Common Standards for Common Services: Local Waste Service Standards Project

This video explains what our local waste service standards is about and why it needs to be done. It explains what a data standard is and how standards and APIs could help local services and digital systems to run more smoothly, and save a lot of money.

You can find the evidence that we refer to in the video in this alpha business case for waste service standards. It suggests that local authorities could make significant savings and improve their services if data standards and APIs become a part of all sorts of other local public services.

At the moment this business case and the associated data standards we're building on are in the 'Alpha phase'. We're still actively developing them and welcome your feedback. We're also keen to speak with anyone interested in collaborating with us in developing the standard and integrating it at their organisation. Please contact Henry Mathes if you think you could collaborate.