Digital “Transformation” | Kevin Rees | July 2014

2 Jul 2014

Overview of the changes occurring and the digital transformation within the DVLA. Presented by Kevin Rees, Head of Customer Focus Group, at the DVLA Discovery Day held on 2 July 2014 at the Department for Communities and Local Government. The agenda for change in the DVLA focuses on the following critical areas:

Simpler Licensing - “Simplify the policy and technology landscape to improve customer service, give a better result for the taxpayer and fee-payers, and make it easier for safer drivers to get on the road.”

Excellent Services - “Build seamless, lean, digital and physical services that exceed expectations and attract people to more cost-effective channels.”

New Opportunities - “Use our assets to grow new revenue, efficiency and transactional opportunities across government.”

The Best of DVLA - “Develop our capabilities as an important centre of excellence in licensing technology and identity assurance. Build a unique culture in Swansea – commercial, confident, and focused on the customer”