Emergency flooding scenario | Bristol | Feb 2014 | Social Media

20 Feb 2014

Ever wondered what actions you would take if your council was affected by emergency flooding? You might find inspiration from this document. On 20 February 2014, 36 local government people attended our "Really Useful Day: Social Media" in Bristol. They worked on an emergency flooding scenario, and debated how they would respond to it using traditional and social media.

From abusive tweets to absent managers, groups faced some difficult situations and came up with some innovative and creative ways of dealing with them. It makes interesting (and hopefully useful) reading.

To get even more ideas, you can look at identical emergency flooding scenario completed at other Really Useful Days by going to the Resources page and searching for 'emergency flooding'. You can also look at the consultation exercise that participants worked on by searching for 'consultation'.

RUday Bristol - Write up of Emergency Scenario
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