Emergency flooding scenario – responses from multiple events | Social media

2 Mar 2015

Ever wondered what actions you would take if your council was affected by emergency flooding? You might find inspiration from this document.

At our Really Useful Days on social media for councils, participants work on an emergency flooding scenario.

Working in groups, they open 4 envelopes in turn, debating how they would respond to it using traditional and social media. From abusive tweets to absent managers, groups face some difficult situations and come up with some innovative and creative ways of dealing with them.

We’ve run many of these events, and people often come up with quite similar responses. So instead of writing up the notes from each event, we add any new or different ideas to this ‘master document’, which incorporates responses from multiple events.

We hope you find it useful when thinking about planning for any kind of emergency scenario.

Emergency Flooding Scenario - responses from multiple events
Format: MS Word  Size: 98.50 Kb


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