Open APIs for building your own Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) Calculator

21 Aug 2015

We have developed 2 kinds of DPA calculator APIs under Open License, which are free for reuse. 2 APIs perform different parts of the calculation, and the other collects feedback.

Councils and organisations who use these on their sites will still need to develop a user interface for the calculator.

To use any of the calculator APIs, you must also agree to implement the feedback API (API 3).

Calculator APIs

We’ve split the calculator software into 2 APIs to give you more flexibility in how you integrate the tool into your care information service.

Open API 1 Central Government rules and parameters for DPA eligibility

Open API 2 – This 'packaged' API takes eligibility input, performs eligibility calculation and returns instant results.

Feedback API

Open API 3  Warehouse input to collect anonymised statistics for Open reporting purposes

For examples of how these APIs could be used as calculator forms, please visit the DPA Calculator microsite.