Guide for info4local subscribers: resubscribing using the GOV.UK email alert service

29 Oct 2014

Important information for info4local subscribers

On 4th November 2014 the curated info4local service will be replaced by the GOV.UK e-bulletin service. If your preferences look like the one highlighted in the screen shot below, you will need to unsubscribe and reset your preferences. This will ensure that the bulletin service offers a similar selection to the one provided by info4local.


GOV.UK email alert subscription instructions


Changing your subscription preferences

Step 1: At the bottom of any bulletin you receive, click on “Manage your GOV.UK email preferences”
Step 2: Enter your email address and click 'submit'.
Step 3: Choose which items to unsubscribe to and click on 'save changes.'

You can also change the frequency of emails you receive in the “Preferences” tab.


Unsubscribing completely

You can unsubcribe completely in one click from the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email bulletin you receive.


Subscribing to lists and feeds on GOV.UK

You can subscribe to any list or feed on GOV.UK by clicking on the email envelope icon next to 'Get updates to this list'.  You will need to enter your email address on the screen that opens and follow the instructions.











Subscribing to refined searches

You can refine a search (by topic, department, etc.) and then subscribe to that.

Step 1: Click on “announcements” from the top menu of any inside gov page.



Step 2: Select an item from any drop down (for instance, 'housing' under the Topic drop down).












Step 3: click the 'email' or 'feed' link after “Get updates for this list” to subscribe to that particular filter.

You can change the filters and parameters, and subscribe to each new result. You may choose to subscribe to anything relating to a particular topic, department, location, etc.

You can also subscribe to email bulletins or feeds in Publications (this includes consultations) and Statistics.