Personas for improving user journeys

28 Jul 2014

You can use personas to understand the needs of your users, and to help improve user journeys on your website. We've included example personas for:

  • Renew your parking permit
  • Report a missed bin collection
  • Pay your council tax
  • Complain about your council

If you have any personas you’re willing to share, we’d love to add them to this page – please contact us.

You can also download a Word document for easy printing and editing of the personas at the bottom of this page.

We've also produced personas for Digital Inclusion and Assisted Digital.

Customer journey: Renew your parking permit

Maggie Evans


About Maggie

Maggie is married with 2 children aged 11 and 13. She is a registered childminder and looks after 3 young children, all under the age of 4, every week day.

Maggie's task

  • Maggie has just realised her parking permit runs out tomorrow.
  • She wants to renew it as quickly as possible, as she needs a permit to park outside her house.
  • Parking further away while looking after 3 young children would make her life very difficult.
How can the journey be designed to make things as easy as possible for Maggie?

Customer journey: Report a missed bin collection

Peter Green

About Peter

Peter is widowed with 2 grown up children. His mother, who is 84, lives a few miles away and he does a lot to help her as his only sister lives in Australia.

Peter's task

  • Peter wants to report the fact that his mother’s bin was not collected this morning. She says that she put it out, but Peter thinks it possible she forgot.
  • He’d like to talk to someone about her options – could the bin men come and collect the bin from her front garden if she forgets again?
How can the journey be designed to make things as easy as possible for Peter?


Customer journey: Pay your council tax

Sarah Ross

About Sarah

Sarah is a divorced, full-time mother to 3 boys, all under the age of 8. She struggles financially and never seems to have enough time. A few months ago, she bought some items online and her card was used fraudulently.

Sarah's task

Sarah keeps forgetting to pay her council tax every month, so she wants to set up a regular payment. She hopes this will make it easier to budget too.

But she’s anxious about putting her card details online in case she’s a victim of fraud again.

How can the journey be designed to make things as easy as possible for Sarah – and reassure her about security?


Customer journey: Complain about your council

David Smith


About David

  • David is a journalist on a local paper.
  • On his street is a rundown house that has been empty for 4 years. It is owned by a man who has allowed it to become derelict.
  • David has emailed the council 3 times in the last 6 months to ask what is going to be done about the house, which is an eyesore.
  • He’s been told that the council are aware of the problem.

David's task

  • David wants to make a complaint because he feels that nothing is being done about the house.
How can the journey be designed to make things as easy as possible for David?



Personas for user journeys
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