Twitter in 10 toolkit – teach the basics of using Twitter in 10 minutes

13 Feb 2013

This toolkit was developed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

It was intended only for use internally within the department, to teach staff with no experience of Twitter what it is, why they should use it and how to use it - all in just 10 minutes. As such, it's not a professional teaching resource, so please don't expect a perfect product.

We decided to make it available to anyone who might find it useful - at the very least, it gives you a starting point if you're developing your own Twitter training. Please feel free to customise it to suit your purposes.

The toolkit consists of:

  • Twitter in 10 lesson plan, with points you'll need to cover
  • Twitter in 10 powerpoint presentation, to illustrate your talk
  • Twitter in 10 handout for your attendees to take away with them

Please let us know if you have any comments, changes, recommendations, etc, at

Twitter in 10 Handout
Format: MS Word  Size: 711.50 Kb


Twitter in 10 Lesson Plan
Format: MS Word  Size: 992.50 Kb


Twitter in 10 Presentation
Format: MS Powerpoint  Size: 3.82 Mb