Video: the benefits of service standards explained

6 Oct 2015, 8:46 pm

It is no secret that hundreds of local authorities across the country use only slightly different versions of the same data and IT underlying services, creating duplication and waste.

But as council budgets seriously diminish, and while the quality of public services must be maintained or improved despite the straitened circumstances, duplication is no longer an option.

To answer the call, the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Local Digital programme – in collaboration with six councils – has been working on a set of re-usable technical and data standards for one key council service: waste collection. As the Alpha phase of the initiative draws to a close, this four-minute animated video clearly explains the three key benefits of service standards for all councils:

According to the project team, a single standardised way of working, in line with common technical standards and data standards, offers:

  • improvements in customer service by reducing calls to councils
  • consistent and smoother ways to set up contracts
  • better service performance.

– not to mention potentially massive cost savings, not in the millions, but the billions.

Want to get involved? Contact the project team on Twitter: @LDgovUK, using the hashtag #LocalDigital.

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