Your council’s open data obligations

22 Mar 2014, 9:06 pm

How will new open data commitments affect your council?

On 31 October 2013, the Cabinet Office published two documents on open data with implications for local authorities: the Open Government Partnership UK National Action Plan 2013 to 2015 and the National Information Infrastructure (NII).

Commitment 3 of the Action Plan says:
The UK government will issue a revised Local Authorities Data Transparency Code requiring local authorities to publish key information and data.

The National Information Infrastructure describes an action:
The Cabinet Office will work with the Local Government Association and the Local Public Data Panel to determine how to best consider local authority datasets in future iterations of the NII by April 2014.

Both of these topics are central to the the work led by Peterborough to provide a simple and efficient way to publish inventories and to share data and schemas. See the Knowledge Hub Local Open Data: Publication Standards group and this esd-toolkit news for more details.

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