July 2016 discovery findings on the benefits of transforming local authority parking permits services using GOV.UK Verify

25 Aug 2016

This document summarises the Government Digital Service's (GDS's) discovery findings from their July 2016 analysis of local authority parking permits services. It offers a narrative summary that explains how GDS calculated the benefits of transformation, what’s assumed, and what’s missing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 14.01.01

View and download the report here.

This report was published alongside a slide deck overview of how participating councils currently deliver their services, a summary of some of the benefits discussed at discovery events, and a visualisation of the common future service process agreed by the councils that participated in the July 2016 events.

Both documents are first iteration drafts and will be developed further should GDS choose this service to run a pilot project (see their blog outlining their early plans).

You can find all information relating to GOV.UK Verify for local government on the #VerifyLocal project page here.