Making the case for data standards – An alpha business case for local waste services | September 2015

29 Sep 2015

Note: There is an updated and final version of this business case now available.

About this Document

As part of the alpha phase of the Local Waste Service Standards Project we have developed an initial financial model and this business case which aims to demonstrate the benefits to the sector of implementing data standards. You can watch a quick introductory video at

We have focused on waste services, starting with a detailed analysis of the management of “missed” collections, and building out to look at all waste services. We have also touched on how these benefits might be realised across all local government services. At this stage the model is mainly based on information gathered from the five local authorities participating in the project, as well as other interviews and some publicly available case studies.

The model is based on the national average number of households per local authority which Is 68,000 households. It is also based on a call per household ratio that was consistent across the majority of councils we looked at. This means that the underlying model can still work for councils with more or fewer households.

This document should be of interest to managers within individual councils or suppliers who want to make the case for standards internally, but also to those involved with national bodies or initiatives who want to understand the wider national benefits.

Read more of the full Alpha business case.

Since this document was publish in September 2015 we have gratefully received comments and feedback from many people in the sector. We have assimilated and addressed these alongside more recent developments in the project, in our Beta business case. 

Waste Alpha business case - September 2015
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