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Designing the first service patterns for local government

16 Oct 2017

By Sanjay Poyzer and Lizzie Bruce The Verify team has been supporting local councils with end-to-end transformation of a service. It’s the first time GDS has had the opportunity to co-design with local government. We wanted to see how councils could use GOV.UK Verify to let users prove their identity when accessing council services. Here’s how we’ve been developing local service patterns… Read more

Gov Design: a meetup to bring together designers working in government

5 Jul 2017

By Kara Kane and Martin Jordan from the Government Digital Service The London Gov Design meetup brings together designers working in, for or with government to exchange knowledge, share experiences and support each other. The meetup is open to the public to invite students and other people interested in design in the public sector. It’s… Read more

Guest post: working with GDS on transforming local services

22 Mar 2017

By Joanne Southern from Northumberland County Council [caption id="attachment_2159" align="alignnone" width="620"] Joanne and Northumberland County Council’s pilot team[/caption] I’m Joanne Southern, I work for Northumberland County Council as a Digital Team Leader. My role is to redesign and transform services within the authority. We are one of several councils working with GDS on 2 pilot… Read more

#VerifyLocal pilots moving from discovery to alpha

2 Mar 2017

By Linda O'Halloran and Michael Clark from Government Digital Service Our #VerifyLocal pilots are continuing at pace. We’re looking at how local authorities can use GOV.UK Verify for their users to securely, safely and straightforwardly verify themselves online when using local services. You can read about how we’ve been working on these pilots in earlier… Read more

Collaborative user research for #VerifyLocal discovery

14 Feb 2017

By Pete Gale from Government Digital Service The #VerifyLocal pilots are investigating how GOV.UK Verify might effectively be extended to local authorities. This is the first time GDS has had the opportunity to pilot the use of one of its platforms for end-to-end service transformation across local and central government boundaries. The 2 pilot projects… Read more

Using GOV.UK Verify to transform a local authority service

13 Feb 2017

By Ian Litton from Warwickshire County Council and Irina Pencheva from Government Digital Service Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Taber Andrew Bain This blog post is an update on the progress of Warwickshire County Council’s Blue Badge pilot and the lessons we’ve learned so far in integrating our first local authority pilot service to GOV.UK Verify… Read more

Brighton and Hove blog about joining #VerifyLocal parking permit pilot

27 Oct 2016

27 October 2016 by willcallaghan One of parking permit pilot participants, Brighton & Hove City Council, have shared their experience of taking part in the kick off event. Read more here.. https://bhccdigital.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/weve-joined-the-verifylocal-parking-permits-pilot/ Read more

Transforming government through #VerifyLocal pilots – 1 month in

29 Nov 2016

Update by Linda O'Halloran, #VerifyLocal Pilot lead at Government Digital Service On 18 October we hosted our first event with participating local councils to kick-off our #VerifyLocal pilots. One month later, both the residential parking permit pilot and the older person’s concessionary travel pilot are underway with the input of 17 councils, many of which… Read more

Listening to the market: engaging with local authority suppliers

19 Oct 2016

By Jyoti Basuita and Livia Ralph from Government Digital Service Over the last few months we’ve been investigating how GOV.UK Verify might be extended to local authorities. We recently kicked off our first pilot projects on concessionary travel and parking permit services. A lot of local authorities, including many of our pilot participants, work directly with suppliers to… Read more

#VerifyLocal pilots are open for business

6 Oct 2016

By Irina Pencheva and Egle Uzkuraityte from Government Digital Service In our last #VerifyLocal blogpost we invited local authorities across the UK to take part in our first wave of collaboration pilots to integrate GOV.UK Verify into 2 services: issuing of concessionary travel passes and resident parking permits. Applications have now closed and we are happy to… Read more

GDS Blog: Introducing our first #VerifyLocal pilot plans for councils

9 Sep 2016

by Linda O’Halloran and Irina Pencheva from Government Digital Service We’re excited to share our vision and preliminary plans to develop working examples of GOV.UK Verify in local authorities. This blogpost will outline the commitments and resources that local councils will need to participate in our first pilots, in addition to outlining what GDS will… Read more

GOV.UK Verify for local government: outputs from first discovery events

12 Aug 2016

by Egle Uzkuraityte and Linda O’Halloran from Government Digital Service This post provides an update on our our discovery work with local authorities.     Two months into our work on #VerifyLocal, we have: interacted with 80 local authorities received transaction costs and volume data in support of pilot projects from more than 60 of them run… Read more

GOV.UK Verify / DVLA / local authority July 2016 discovery day

15 Jul 2016

by Rebecca Hales and Linda O'Halloran from Government Digital Service Today we held the first of 2 discovery days to examine how local authority taxi licensing, concessionary travel and parking permit services might be improved using GOV.UK Verify and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) services. The event was intended to build on work already done… Read more

GOV.UK Verify for local government: working out loud

11 Jul 2016

by Linda O'Halloran, of Government Digital Service This will be the first in a series of regular posts on our discovery work with local authorities that we introduced last month. Here we outline our approach to those discovery projects, how we’ll keep you up-to-date, and how we plan to prioritise work for the rest of… Read more

Exploring the need for GOV.UK Verify in local government – get involved

1 Jun 2016

By Michael Clark from Government Digital Service, and Ian Litton from Warwickshire County Council This post provides an update on the work that local authorities and GDS have done together through the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) on citizen identity needs for local authority services. Read more on the GDS Identity Assurance Blog... Read more